The new house… the old sockets

We recently started the plans for building a new house. It takes a lot of planning, going over the big things, but also looking at the small details.

One of the questions you start asking yourself:

“Where do we put power sockets and how many?”

And although this question only needs answering when we actually built the walls, the main issue is already clear: power sockets are ugly and always placed wrong.
Just look around you to all power sockets and appliances you have. Where do you have too many, or not enough, or even none? And all the cables running around the house to get to the places you want…

You can predict where you want the light switch to come, next to the door where you enter. And that will rarely change. But what about your sockets itself? You change the interior, you tend to put your phone on a specific spot and your kitchen appliances will multiply (or become all in one?) in the (near) future. So that socket you place today, might never be used, or carry a splitter in 2 years from now.

Adding or removing these sockets always leaves marks, either an open hole or a differently painted piece of the wall.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a ‘stick it on the wall’  socket that wireless get’s power from within the wall?
Or even better: Leave out the socket and have the devices charge directly when placed near that wall area. Without any cable involved.
Induction power is there, loading/powering devices that way already works. It does that already to my toothbrush and my 3D glasses can be charged the same way too. Our future house will be cooking like that as well.

Only problem in replacing all sockets, is most probably 1) the large scale and 2) the related power consumption.
But boy, would it make a home nicer to look at and live in!

How neat would it be to put my mobile on the cupboard in the living room and have it charge immediately. I can take out the coffee machine, put it on the table and start using it. No cables involved. No mess with a too long / short cable that is at the wrong side of the machine or no more room as the socket you intended is already in use…

And if constantly powering a device is too tricky, why not have all equipment have a built in ‘lps’ (Local Positioning Sensor) as a location beacon. A flick of the power button on the device and the location activates the right power area. Easy. The auto power down option also deactivates the locator, and power is stopped.

And if you want to ensure you do not miss any unneeded power consumption, you can get an alert or overview of all running power areas in house. For your information.

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  1. Op 12 Nov 2015 (11:03) zei Cristiane:

    I’d really like to know whhteer when connected to a projector or screen via HDMI what it will duplicate to an external monitor. Powerpoint, Word (or their equivalents) web videos or everything that you see on the screen. What is the behaviour? and what is more, who do we ask?

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