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Wie kent ze niet, die uitspraken die op 1001 plaatsen tegen de muur hangen. Soms zijn ze oersaai, hier en daar kom je wel eens een leuke tegen. Dat gevoel had ik ook bij onderstaande:



Do not fear the winds of adversity.
Remember: A kite rises against the wind rather then with it.

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  1. Op 20 Dec 2015 (22:54) zei Karel:

    Also I don’t know if anybody else ncieotd this but all other videos on youtube are full of angry comments with people thinking only their point of view is the right one, but everyone commenting on this video is so chilled.

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    Yo, that’s what’s up truthfully.

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  4. Op 16 May 2016 (02:58) zei NJ car insurance:

    "I'm asian and I won't ever donate a penny to any of my alma maters because I was always treated as an uncool outsider."If you don't like being an outsider, you should have stayed in Asia.

  5. Op 30 Jun 2016 (19:28) zei http://www.theendoclub.com/:

    Father of the Bride has always been a go to for set design inspiration. I always wanted (and still do) a house like that! I love Lonny but I gotta admit Rue's first issue was spectacular!!

  6. Op 31 Oct 2016 (13:54) zei kredit student österreich:

    GenkiJapanNet on June 21, 2011 The person filming here is one of the organisers.The teachers here are in their 20s to 40s.Some are in college, mostly I teach working teachers. They either take my class through the Board of Education or Ministry of Education or they get a group together and call me!Probably wouldn’t teach Japanese, it’s lots of fun but there are lots more important things to do in the world!

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